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Perfectly Wonderful

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Perfectly Wonderful

W/O Fluff. The chapters are short, sorry for any grammer/spelling mistakes
Sumary: It's Oz's birthday, how does the cutest couple in Sunnydale celebrate?

A/N: Set during summer vaca. after third season. (It's a result of a challege so it sucks!)

~*~ CHAPTER 1 ~*~

"Buffy, you've gotta help me!" Willow cried, rushing into Buffy Summer's bedroom. The Slayer put down her book and surveyed her friend.
"Don't you know how to knock?' She asked with a grin. Willow ignored her and flopped down onto the bed.
"You've gotta help me!" She repeated. Buffy laughed at her red haired friend.
"With what?" she asked.
"Oz's birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get him or what to do for him, but I want it to be perfect, whatever it is, and I've been saving my money and I got a job a couple months ago, so I want this to be great-no cost sparred. But I just don't know what to do!" she exclaimed, her words tumbling over each other as she sped through her explanation without taking a breath. Buffy laughed to herself-leave it to Willow to worry something to death. But she had to admit; she understood why her red headed friend was so worried. A boyfriend's birthday was a big deal. Especially for Willow. It was obvious that she really cared for him and Buffy couldn't blame her for wanting it to be perfect.
"Well, what is he into?" Buffy asked. Willow thought for a moment.
"Music. He loves his guitar," she answered. "That's perfect! I can get him a new case! Or a new amplifier!" Willow exclaimed. "That's perfect. But, it doesn't seem like enough. I should do something else for him to."
"Like strip?" Buffy asked sarcastically. Willow glared at her friend and shot her head.
"Seriously, Buffy."
"Okay, okay. about a nice dinner?" She answered. Willow perked up at that. A nice, quiet, romantic dinner would be nice.
"Oh! The Bronze!" she suddenly exclaimed. Buffy looked at her friend, confused.
"The Bronze? Huh?"
"Simple, you know that new live band there?"
"Their lead guitarist is moving, Maybe I can get them to let Oz be his replacement!" Willow jumped off the bed, excited by her idea.
"Great! He'd love it. Only- how will you pull that off?" asked Buffy. Willow only smiled and pulled a cassette tape from her pocket.
"What's that?" Asked Buffy.
"Oz made this tape for me on Valentine's day."
"Do I want to know?"
"Buffy! It just has him singing and playing his guitar."
"Oh! How sweet!"
"I give this to the band, they listen to it and let Oz be a part of their group. Ever since his old group members left for college, I think he'll love the opportunity. I hope he'll like the opportunity. But- Buffy what if he doesn't? What if he hates it? Oh, God what am I gonna do?" Willow babbled, falling back onto Buffy's bed.
"Wil, settle down. He'll love it. Don't worry," Buffy comforted. Willow sat up, balancing on her elbows and looked up at her friend.
"Do you think so?"
"I know so." And, with Buffy's reassurance still ringing in her ears, Willow set out to prepare for what would surely be the best birthday Oz had ever had.


Part 2

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