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Part 2
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Perfectly Wonderful

~*~ CHAPTER 2 ~*~

"Hey, babe," Oz said, coming up behind Willow and slipping his arms around her waist. Willow smiled and leaned back against him. She loved it when he did that.
"Hey. Are you ready for tonight?" Willow asked. Oz smiled.
"You didn't, oh say, plan something special for a certain werewolf's birthday tonight, did you?" he asked slyly.
"Oh? Whose birthday is it?" Willow teased. Oz laughed quietly, nuzzling her neck.
"I'm kidding. Are there any other werewolves as cute as you in Sunnydale?"
"I've never checked," he answered. Willow smiled, and turning around, pressed against him.
"There's no need to." And with that, Oz leaned in, capturing Willow's lips with his own in a sweet, passionate kiss.

Willow rushed out of her class as soon as the bell rang. Opening her locker, she shoved her books roughly inside then, slamming it, took off down the hall toward Oz's locker. Coming up behind him, she produced a handkerchief. Swiftly, she tied the cloth around his head, ensuring that he couldn't see.
"Hey! Willow, that had better be you!" Oz yelped in surprise.
"Of course it's me, silly." Oz tugged at the blindfold, but it stayed in place.
"Is there a reason I can't see?"
"Of course there is. Now, quit fidgeting."
"Willow-" he begged. Willow leaned in close.
"Don't you trust me?" She whispered seductively. With a sigh, Oz consented.
"Of course I do. Lead on."

Oz was tired of walked. Actually, he was tired of tripping and running into things. Willow was biting her lip, concentrating on not running Oz into anything else. She felt terrible, he was going to have a lot of bruises in the morning. And she was nervous. What if he didn't like it? What if he couldn't remember any of the songs? What if...Willow shook her head. It was too late now. She's just have to cross her fingers and pray that he'd like it.
" Just a minute. Let me get the door," Willow said, stopping Oz and running ahead to open the door to the Bronze. Oz heard the noise the moment the door opened.
"Where are we, Willow?" he asked as she came back and steered him through the back door. Willow only smiled, not answering. Carefully she took him behind the stage where his guitar, new case and new amplifier sat.
"Okay, you can look now." Oz quickly reached up and untied the dark blue handkerchief. Vigorously, he pulled it away from his eyes and looked around the dark area. It took a moment before his eyes adjusted. When they did, Oz gave a little yelp of joy and ran forward to inspect his gifts. Willow stood back, a smile plastered to her face and her arms wrapped around herself. Oz stood up, abandoning his things to stand in front of his girlfriend.
"Willow, thank you. I-" Willow stopped him with a dainty finger to his lips.
"There's more, she whispered. Oz looked at her quizzically, waiting for her to go on.
"There's a reason why we're at the Bronze. I know you've been kind of bummed since The Dingoes broke up, so I havethe "Velvet Night" a copy of the tape of you playing..."
"No way!" Oz interrupted, joyous. " You didn't!"
"...And they want you in the band, starting tonight!" she finished. Oz's face erupted into a smile as he pulled her into a tight embrace, spinning her around.
*This is the best birthday ever!*


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