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Part 5 (Conclusion)
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Perfectly Wonderful

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~*~ CHAPTER 5 ~*~

Oz awoke to quietness. Complete quiet throughout the entire building. Beside him, Willow still slept, her soft red hair flowing over the silk covered pillows. Gently, Oz reached over and removed a silken lock from its place lying across her cheek. Not able to control himself, Oz leaned forward, pressing his lips against Willow's own pale perfect ones. With a slight moan, Willow allowed her eyes to flutter open.
"Good morning," Oz whispered. Willow only smiled up at him.

Oz got back to his house after 4:00.
"Hi, sweetie. How was your birthday?" Asked his mom as he entered the kitchen.
"Wonderful, mom. Perfectly wonderful."

*~*The End*~*

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