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Part 4

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Perfectly Wonderful

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~*~ CHAPTER 4 ~*~

"Tada!" Willow yelled, pulling the reapplied blindfold from Oz's face. Oz blinked, trying to focus on his dark surroundings. They were upstairs, above the Bronze. Oz had never been up there and now saw that he was in one of the quiet, private rooms that were available for rent. In the middle of the room sat a small table covered with a dark red tablecloth. In the middle of the table sat a vase with a red rose. On both sides of the vase, a candle flickered, giving off the only light in the room. Off in the corner nestled a kind-sized canopy bed. The white lace of the canopy flowed down around the oak frame. Red rose petals covered the red silk sheets, just waiting for the two to mess them up.
"Wow." Oz breathed, unable to say much else. Willow smiled unable to hide her own excitement.
"Come on, let's eat," Willow whispered. With a smile, Oz offered her his arm and lead her to the table. There the two enjoyed a quiet, romantic dinner of steak. The two spoke quietly, as if a loud noise would make the entire scene disappear. After the meal, the two made their way to the enormous bed. The two fairly disappeared in the softness of the mattress.
Below, the partiers dancing to the rock music of the Bronze were oblivious to the wilder, more passionate party above them.


Part 5 (Conclusion)

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